Empowering Simplicity.

In a world of countless choices and multiple sensations, there is a major need to share simple and beautiful information without clutter. There is an elegance to simplicity—it allows our minds to focus on what we truly need to see. Simplicity in design provides a balance needed to capture our audience.

As a visionary with expert skills in design, art direction, and photography, I’ve developed eye-catching, innovative designs for a wide variety of brands while always exceeding expectations and providing operational excellence. I have a penchant for translating any concept into a well-functioning product. Your designs will be created not just for your brand; they will leave an impression on your consumers that they will never forget.

The Vision

Vision is created by our dreams and provides the avenue to take our lives wherever we want to go. It reminds us that we are always capable of learning and growing, becoming who we want to be. I am inspired by the aspirations of my clients; what they want to see flourish and come to life. The vast possibilities of what can be created invigorates my passion to never stop looking ahead at what we can create together.

The Mission

I am driven to excite others with my never-ending ideas, translating concepts into eye-catching products and identifiable brands. I am a highly motivated visionary with expert skills in creative design, brand identity, online marketing, publishing, editorial design, and media concepts. Working across multiple platforms, I seamlessly collaborate with clients and colleagues to exceed the highest standards.

The Commitment

Commitment is an emblem of loyalty, tenacity, and a promise to achieve what is important. I was brought up under the ideal that commitment is of the highest importance — take what you’ve been given and make the best of it. It is a foundation for inspiration as well as for the ability to create. Even the most complex tasks and assignments can be accomplished if one is focused and driven to succeed in achieving the vision.



Building vision and incorporating innovative ideas to bring the brand to life. Ensuring the brand is always effective, elegant, and state-of-the-art.



Utilizing interior design and art direction skills to establish or modernize the brand. Developing spaces for a strong identity with a clear, centered purpose.



Directing multiple design initiatives and teams, shaping the brand across all platforms. Delivering high-quality design while adhering to budgetary restrictions.



Empowering the brand with a strong awareness of experiential identity, granting consumers with a memorable experience, thereby cultivating brand loyalty.


I Love What I Do

I have explored design in many parts of the world with my discerning eye; this has had a vast influence on both my passion for design and my love for all forms of artistic expression. And my passions don’t end there; I have a strong love for meditation, wine, travel, health and fitness, and above all, people! I embrace the opportunity to meet new people and learn about new cultures. Being open to new experiences and the drive to keep learning reflects in my work; it is always fresh and captures its intended audience with awe.



What People Say

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Milla in her role as the Lead Graphic Designer for STEELE Fitness and as Art Director at Lift Brands for 7 years. During this time, we worked together on high-end design projects, photo shoots, facility design, concept development, you name it! When working with Milla I knew that the work would be powerful, have great style and achieve results. Milla is someone you can ALWAYS count on to bring creativity and inspiration to any project, as well as maintain the integrity of the brand. She truly treats every single piece she works on with TLC and is a huge asset to any creative team.

—Tamara Busch, Chief Operating Officer, STEELE Fitness


“Milla’s drive for excellence in design and her ever-present respect for representing content accurately with elegance are what has aided in making the overall success of the products; identifiable titles in retail book markets.”

—Anthony Sclavi, creative director at Brio Publishing House


“Working with Milla has been a breath of fresh air. She brought inspiration and energy to our project that gave us confidence in what we would be able to develop together. Her creativity and vision brought our concept to life in a way that we dreamed, but could not explain. She was able to see what the essence of our business is and translated it into a product design that we are proud to put into the market. Milla is enthusiastic, professional, reliable, and a true visionary.”

—Sarah Crawford, Owner of Mandala Tea


“It was an absolute joy working with Milla on our promotional pieces. Her passion for good design showed and she delivered everything on time and exceeded our expectations. She made the whole process a breeze.”

—Troy Braun, Director of Photography


“Working with Milla has been an absolute pleasure…no, make that a relief! Milla’s motivation, enthusiasm, and vision really helped propel the project along.”


—Mark Caligiuri, Apparel Technologies’ Director


"I adore simplicity and clarity in all design. These two provide a balance needed to perceive things aesthetically beautiful." Milla