June 21, 2016 | 


Clarity Financial is a leader in managing family wealth with its personalized, hands-on approach. Pioneers in the impact investing space wanted to establish their identity and create a cohesive
visual system.

Job: Logotype, Collateral, Wayfinding, Signage, Installation

Creating a logo was the core of the project. Monogram CF stands for Clarity that holds the financial assets within, giving the sense of protection for financial security. The color palette and its philosophy were selected based on the psychology of color, with royal blue representing trust and mental comfort. It is also the color of building relationships. The second color is most of the limns of the spectrum. It is a color of attention, happiness, positivity, and creativity. Gold, used as the metallic foil, is the symbol of wealth and great accomplishment. The design also gives a boutique feeling, which Clarity Financial as a firm is all about. We used the $ symbol to create a visual system of patterns, motifs, and icons that match their energetic work philosophy. This symbol group without ending boundaries or edges represents moving forward and speaks to financial growth and flexibility.